2016-10-06 / Letters

Biddeford mayor endorses incumbent for House seat

To the editor:

I enthusiastically endorse Marty Grohman for reelection to the Maine House of Representatives, District 12. As mayor of Biddeford, I have often reached out to Marty, whenever particular issues affect the city. Marty is always immediately responsive and I continue to be impressed by his work ethic and determination. Marty is certainly a superb representative for our community, as he is always professional, courteous and positive. In today’s political world, we often see uncivil behavior and personal attacks as the prototype of political action. We have seen such negativity in our city and in our state far too often. Marty has never engaged in such tactics and that is so important because good government is based upon a respect of issues and a respect of differing points of view.

As a former legislator, I know, firsthand of the partisan bickering that undermines good government. Importantly, Marty is respected in Augusta by both Republicans and Democrats, because he is perceived as being intelligent, fair and rational. For a first-term legislator, Marty has been exceptional. We need his experience, his honesty and his character. He cares deeply about Biddeford and works so very hard on our behalf. Many of the wonderful things that you see happening in Biddeford are a result of Marty’s involvement and volunteering. I can tell you, first hand, that he has been a huge help to our city as our representative in our capitol. He is my go-to guy in Augusta. I hope that you too will support Marty, as I can think of no one better.

Alan Casavant Biddeford

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