2016-10-13 / Letters

Educator knows challenges

To the editor:

As House District 9 candidate Diane Denk talks to voters, she has heard their concerns and voiced those of her own. She says the problem with many Mainers is not that they are unemployed but that they are underpaid, therefore they need to be overemployed. They are burdened with many jobs working long hours at low pay to cobble together one decent salary to support their families. Teachers stocking grocery shelves at night, restaurant workers waiting tables at multiple locations, single moms working the overnight shifts at hospitals, skilled workers driving long distances to New Hampshire and Massachusetts, all trying to make ends meet.

Diane wants to create a climate that fosters small businesses, attracts entrepreneurs, invests in technology and the jobs of tomorrow, working in partnership with high schools, community colleges, trade schools, and business development associations to bring good jobs to Maine.

As a teacher, Diane sees the difficulty families face when good parents are absent due to providing the essentials. It is time that we all stand up and vote for someone who will make working families a priority. I am voting for Diane Denk for House District 9 (Kennebunkport and parts of Kennebunk and Biddeford) on Election Day and I hope you will too.

As an educator myself (faculty at UNE’s medical school), I train the next generation of health providers of the workforce of tomorrow, and I know the challenges that face our community for retaining well trained providers and skilled workers. I urge you to vote for Diane Denk for House District 9 (Kennebunkport and parts of Kennebunk and Biddeford).

Dr. Amy Davidoff Arundel

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