2016-10-13 / Letters

Incumbent gets things done

To the editor:

Rep. Justin Chenette is a strong, effective leader we can count on. Listening and collaborating are amongst Justin’s strengths. Whether we’re talking about Justin’s service on the Legislature’s Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee or his staunch advocacy for the important issues of our time, Justin has consistently reached across the aisle.

Law enforcement and compassion go together. Working with our sheriffs, county commissioners and enforcement professionals, Justin brought much needed resources home to York County. At the same time, Justin worked toward compassionate treatment alternatives for those suffering from addiction.

Our governor has been, well let’s be kind, less than prompt in appointing members to the Board of Corrections. Against this backdrop of executive sluggishness, rising addiction, increasing tensions and shrinking resources, Justin ushered through compromise in the House and Senate.

It’s no wonder Sheriff Bill King endorses Justin Chenette for Senate. We need strength, collaboration, compromise and compassion, along with the vital resources our law enforcement professionals depend upon to keep us safe.

Please join me on Nov. 8. Vote for Justin Chenette.

Barry Noble Saco

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