2016-10-13 / Letters

Vote for ‘Biddeford guy’

To the editor:

Matthew Lauzon, my friend, is running for Biddeford’s Maine House District 12 seat. I encourage all eligible voters to vote for this man. I played pee-wee sports with Matt, and he was my peer during our time at St. James and Biddeford High School. Even though Matt was a grade behind me, I was always impressed by his ability to speak with anyone and maintain a positive, upbeat mood regardless of the circumstances. I looked up to him all those years ago for those traits, and I continue to look up to him now as a compassionate, yet tenacious leader who can provide a truly independent voice and serve his constituents well.

I feel Matt is in a great position to offer a real alternative to the close-knit political crew that has been operating in Biddeford for quite some time. Life is all about decisions, and Matt has had plenty of experience as a respected member of the Boston, Massachusetts tech scene and specifically in his previous role as CEO of companies Gemvara and Dunwello. If Matt lacks in chronological age compared to the competition, he does not lack in life and business experience, and I feel he can easily and effectively transfer his vast set of skills to the political arena in Augusta.

While much of the country focuses on the presidential race, I implore the voters of Biddeford to take a long look at your local races as Biddeford selects its next group of leaders and representatives. Matt has already demonstrated that he is not afraid to take issues headon, whether it be regarding the ongoing sexual abuse case, relentlessly campaigning for public office, or learning about the issues so he can make an informed, educated decision. Please “Vote Lauzon” in November. He’s a Biddeford guy.

Andrew D. Ready Limerick, Formerly of Biddeford

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