2016-10-20 / Letters

Candidate values people, has increased their skills

To the editor:

As an instructor at York County Community college, I worked with Martin Grohman at his decking manufacturing company for many years. I was consistently impressed by his management style. He valued and invested in his people, supporting a wide range of employee training. This increased their skill level and led to a superior product, but also gave them transferrable skills that can help them throughout their lives.

With workforce development such a critical issue today, I’m pleased to see Marty bring that same mindset to his work as a state representative. He’s made the Center of Technology a focus, bringing important local employers through for tours and connecting them with key leaders at the school. These careers in fields like welding and machining are so important. Rep. Grohman is wellrespected throughout the state and has done an excellent job representing Biddeford. I wholeheartedly offer my support for his re-election to the House of Representatives.

Dana Peck Arundel President Maine Heritage Ironworks

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