2016-10-27 / Letters

Former official supports incumbent for House

To the editor:

I am writing to endorse Martin Grohman for re-election to the Maine state Legislature. I had the honor of representing Biddeford in the Legislature for a wonderful eight years from 2006 to 2014. At that time I could no longer serve because of term limits.

I knew we wanted to have someone good take over for me and represent Biddeford in the Legislature. I immediately thought of Marty. We met for coffee and he kicked off his candidacy a month later and was successful in being elected. During his first term he has supported sensible welfare reform and has worked to reduce the price of prescription drugs for the elderly, which has always been a priority of mine. He also worked hard to move two of his own bills through, one to help low income homeowners with their heating bills and another to help school resource officers.

I tell people what I think. I’m told it’s something I’m good at. To the people of Biddeford, especially Rep. Martin Grohman’s district, I ask you to elect Marty for another term. We need his strong and knowledgeable representation in Augusta.

Paulette Beaudoin Biddeford

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