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Marijuana is gateway drug

To the editor:

My message to the citizens of this great state of Maine is this: Vote "no" on Question 1 on Nov. 8. Do not allow the legalization of marijuana. The reason? Just look into the faces of parents and loved ones of those who have overdosed on heroin or cocaine and have lost their lives at a rate that exceeds all others in history. Good children – shamefully wasted lives. Marijuana is a gateway drug. It is not a casual, innocent or unimportant substance. It leads to stronger and stronger drugs until there is addiction and tragically we have the statistics that we have in 2016. The best way to fight it is to not legalize it. Simple as that. Prevention is a key point. No one will benefit from this law except the shop owners, marijuana growers, distributors and CEOs. Tourism will go down and "Vacationland" will be a thing of the past.

Please wake up to these facts and realize that the only way to stop tragic overdoses and deaths from heroin, cocaine and other illegal drugs is to not legalize marijuana.

Thank you and please pass this on to everyone you know.

Marjorie Scott


Judge responds to letter

To the editor:

The letter to the editor written to your newspaper last week by one Vicky Edgerly of Saco in support of one of my opponents for the office of York County judge of probate was laden with misinformation and a serious lack of candor. Therefore, I write to correct her effort to mislead the voters.

First, we have no record at the York County Probate Court confirming that Ms. Edgerly has ever filed or been a party to a case in my court since I was elected to replace the former probate judge, Donna Bailey, starting on Jan. 1, 2013. Therefore, ‘tis a puzzlement that she claims to have any personal experience at all in our probate court during my tenure. According to a member of our court staff with whom I have just consulted, she doesn’t and I sure don’t recall her ever being in court. Ms. Edgerly never bothered to contact me to get her facts straight before submitting her.

Second, Ms. Edgerly, not being an attorney but being a reported health and welfare director for the city of Biddeford until the city recently terminated her for reasons not entirely known to me, occasionally attempted to help people to file certain matters in the probate court prior to my resumption of office. According to our staff, what Ms. Edgerly filed invariably could not be presented to any judge for review and a ruling because it was incorrectly prepared by her.

Third, whenever anyone needs an emergency hearing and an order from me, they simply need to complete and file with our court a motion for an expedited hearing and explain in the motion why there is an exigency that should cause their case to be jumped ahead of other cases with lower priority. The folks at DHHS know this and routinely file such motions which I routinely grant. Ordinary citizens are told the same thing by our staff. They're given a pre-printed motion form we have prepared for their easy completion, and they are similarly expedited as long as all other family members are given notice when necessary before I make any expedited decision that may otherwise be unfair to somebody. It is clear from Ms. Edgerly’s letter that neither she nor her candidate who wants to defeat me in the upcoming election understand this, or that they simply choose not to understand this in their effort to mislead the voters.

Fourth, the change in scheduling protocols I ordered in April 2015 was successfully designed to ensure that all emergency hearing needs can leapfrog ahead of non-emergency cases, and that our revised court schedule can accommodate those needs. The previous scheduling protocols devised by the former probate judge failed to adequately accommodate those needs. Although our current (and hopefully outgoing) Register of Probate,Carol Lovejoy complained about my schedule changes because it meant more work she had to do for a time, those changes were ultimately determined to be effective to most efficiently and promptly meet the needs of all of our citizens who need prompt judicial help.

In summary, Ms. Edgerly’s letter was purely political and grossly inaccurate. It would have been helpful to all if she had first checked her facts with me. I would appreciate the voters support in my continuing efforts to provide the best possible service to them, and I very strongly urge them to vote in Allen Sicard of Saco as our new register in support of my efforts.

Robert “Bob” Nadeau

York County judge of probate


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