2016-11-03 / Neighbors

Scholarship money for students matched

Upward Bound at USM Dollars for Scholars announced that it has been awarded a $5,000 matching grant from Scholarship America, the parent organization to Dollars for Scholars affiliates across the country.

Upward Bound at USM Dollars for Scholars raised $5,000 between June 1, 2015 and Sept. 30, 2016. The amount was matched by Scholarship America. These funds will provide students the opportunity to receive financially impactful, renewable scholarships, further aligning itself with Scholarship America’s renewed focus of helping students complete their degree or program with a reduced level of debt.

Upward Bound at USM Dollars for Scholars has awarded scholarships since 2004. It have awarded and paid for over 80 scholarships to roughly 32 colleges and universities for students who participated in the Trio Upward Bound at USM Program. The students attend high school at the following schools: Massabesic High School, Bonny Eagle High School, Sacopee Valley High School, Biddeford High School and Sanford High School.

In addition to receiving the $5,000 grant, the affiliate also received personalized support and tools from Scholarship America that ensured the program will remain successful in the future.

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