2016-11-17 / Editorial


Nov. 9: Happy birthday Lillian Lachance from GMACC.

Nov. 17: Happy anniversary Happy Anniversary Roger and Sandy Bergeron from GMACC.

Nov. 20: Happy first birthday to Ava, love, Aunt Mary and Uncle Norman . . . Happy birthday Dave Cebula from your biker friends . . . happy 58th birthday to Linda Mason from Leslie Mason.

Nov. 22: Happy 7th Birthday Michael Bedard, love, Dad, Tina, Lilly, Nami, Grammy Nunan, Grammy B, Grampa Dave, Mom, Harley, Brandon and your other grammies, grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Nov. 23: Happy birthday Judy Westfall, love ya, Krystal and Jacob, Cheryl, and all your friends.

Nov. 28: Happy 84th birthday Ma Binette, love, son Norman and Mary.

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