2016-11-17 / Letters

Senator-elect thanks voters in Old Orchard, Saco

To the editor:

Our area had record voter turnout. That is something we should all be proud of. The greater citizen participation in our Democratic process, the more accountability we have in government.

This election cycle has left many with a sour taste in their mouth from politics. It has zapped our energy for productive and civil debate. It is my hope that we can now focus on elevating the conversation – focus on empowering people rather than tearing them down. Regardless of your politics or affiliation, our country needs healing.

There are major challenges that await us when our legislative session starts up this January. I feel confident that Democrats and Republicans can work together for the betterment of Maine people. I will work as a Senator for all, not just those who voted and supported me.

My goal is restore a sense of trust and credibility back into the institution. Over the next month, I want to hear your ideas. I will be busy working to introduce legislation that reforms state government to work better for us.

Through the use of social media at Facebook.com/ JustinChenette, our email updates that you can sign up for at www.justinchenette.com, our local access TV program, and the newspaper, I will aim to keep you informed every step of my service as your senator. You deserve to know what is happening behind the scenes and to make informed decisions.

Know that you can email me or call me anytime at justinchenette@gmail.com and 590-3266. I work for you. I am here for you. Together we can make a real difference.

Justin Chenette, senator-elect Saco

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