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Nominations roll in for Great Person Award

By Molly Lovell-Keely
Managing Editor

It’s time for the Courier’s Great Person Award nominations.

Each year we ask our readers to tell us who has influenced their lives. There are no special qualifications for the Great Person Award – it’s simply to honor those who make this community a special place to live.

Your Great Person may be the person who hands you your morning coffee daily with a smile on her face. It may be the volunteer who works tirelessly for an area nonprofit. It may be a teacher who spends that extra moment helping you, or a police officer who coaches your son’s basketball team. The award is meant to be a thank you for all they do during the year.

The winner will be interviewed for a newspaper article.

There are two steps in the Great Person Award process – nominations and then voting.

Nominations will be accepted through noon, Friday, Dec. 23. A form is printed on page 4. A ballot of everyone nominated will be printed in the Dec. 29 edition. Voting will end at noon, Monday, Jan. 9, and the winner will be announced in the next edition.

How can you nominate a Great Person? It’s simple:

You may nominate a person by mailing an explanation to Mainely Media, PO Box 1894, Biddeford, ME 04005. We need to know the address and phone number of each nominee and we need to know your contact information in case we have questions (this information will not be printed). Nominees will be notified upon nomination. Feel free to attach a longer explanation about why you nominated a Great Person.

You may nominate a person electronically by emailing it to editor@inthecourier.com or faxing it to 282-4339.

We also are happy to accept nominations dropped off at our office, 457 Alfred St. in Biddeford.

Nominations so far include Saco resident Janice Nunan, who was nominated by her daughter, Cheryl (Nunan) Bedard, for the many acts of kindness she performs and the countless hours she spends helping others.

“Helping others keeps her going,” Bedard said of her mother, who is 82, and full of “life and spunk.”

“She may struggle at times to make ends meet, but has raised six children, now all grown: (Sheila (Nunan) Caras, myself, Philip, Douglas, David and Dennis), always working fulltime and throughout our upbringing worked third shift while our Dad worked days in order to provide for all of us.”

Bedard said there is never a day that her mom has not done a good deed for others.

“She puts a smile on the faces of people that need a little extra help in taking care of themselves,” Bedard said. “She puts herself second to all her family and friends in taking care of their needs first. “

Nunan is often called upon to watch over her grandchildren when they are too sick to go to school, have days off or when they need to be picked up at school. Her many acts of kindness include taking her friends to doctor appointments or to stores so they don’t have to drive or be alone.

“She fills her days with visiting several people in our community whether at their homes, nursing homes or other facilities and puts a smile on their faces with doing simple gestures and offers support when seldom do they get other visitors,” Bedard said. “I don’t know a more caring, compassionate, loving and thoughtful person that deserves this award than our Mom.”

Another Saco resident was nominated, Kathie Purdy, by Christina Query Shea, also a Saco resident.

“Kathie is a positive and active member of the Saco community,” Shea said. “She’s a hard worker and volunteer. She is vice president of Saco Bay Center for Civic Engagement, she’s a Saco Grange member and is on many of their committees. She’s is also one of the hardest working volunteers for Saco Main Street.”

Shea said she will do anything to make an event go as smoothly as possible.

“She will hand out water, sell T-shirts, sweep the floors and sell tickets. You name it and she is the person for the job. More importantly, she does it with a smile and kind words. She meets everyone as a stranger and leaves everyone as a friend.”

“Kathie is a Great Person in the Saco community for sure. She does this all, and much, much more, to help better our community. She loves this area, she loves her home and neighbors. Kathie takes a genuine interest in everyone she meets. She sees a need, and fills it, because it needs to be done, for no other reason. I would love to see Kathie get the recognition that her tireless efforts deserve.”

Mary Johnson of Saco was nominated by fellow Saco resident Leanna McCausland.

“Some of the reasons I feel she is more than deserving of this award are:

Mary is very community minded; very generous of herself and her time; she helps at her church; She helps to get people to volunteer and donate their talents for the ‘what can you do to give to the community day’”

Johnson brings McCausland’s recycling and garbage bins up to her garage door without being asked. She also helped a small boy who was riding his bike on Route 112 who couldn’t get into his day care, and befriended a young woman who was here for the summer to work and was looking for a church to attend.

“Mary cooks for the shut-ins and visits with them. She saves (and brings into my shop) the pages of “Kids Corner” for my granddaughters to enrich their minds.

“She shares her chicken’s eggs with me; she makes goodies for me and brings in her homegrown raspberries,” McCausland said. “She has taken it upon herself to write a history of her family home and when a new family moves into that house, she goes there and presents that history to them. She was also instrumental in helping my daughter get her job as a 911 operator at the Saco Police Department, which led to even more opportunities.”

“Mary Johnson, through her selfless actions and natural kindness and caring ways, makes me want to be a better person and actually, my life has been enriched and enlightened having her in my life.”

Floor manager at All Day Breakfast in Biddeford, Damien McDonagh, was nominated by Joyce Beaulieu.

“Three or four times last winter I missed the bus, and he would bring me inside and give me coffee while I waited for the next bus, and he wouldn’t charge for it,” she said.

She also said there was once a homeless man outside the restaurant who McDonagh brought in and fed, and also gave food to take with him.

“He makes everyone that walks in there feel great,” she said. “He’s just so caring and he touched me so much with his kindness.”

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