2016-12-15 / News

Honor Roll

St. James School, first quarter

Grade four Highest honors: Camryn Houle, Emma Houston and Alya Lagasse. High honors: Daphne Blake, Evelyn Carson, McKenna Castle, Emily Frechette, Roman Mahoney, Parker Plourde and Victoria Sparks. Honors: Nicholas Curro, Smantha DeGeorge, Taylor Gonneville, Henry Kenniston, Olivia Libby, Collin Namiotka and Noah Tarring.

Grade five Highest honors: Jeffrey Lafrance High honors: Chloe Cadorette, Jaylee Coleman, Maxwell Forcier, Madelyn Gelinas, Matthew Gonneville, Isabella Hazlerig, Gage Lamontagne, Serenity Namiotka, Erin Norbert, Devin Plante, Mia Rogers, Connor Shea and Emily Troegner.

Grade six Highest honors: Madisyn Ayres and Rose-Mary Blake. High honors: Simon Blake, Charlotte

Donovan, Carlos Macdonald, Emma Paquet, Marielle Rue and Jeannette Schultz-Aboujaoude, Honors: Elliana Durkee, Misha King, Caroline Mahoney, William Palmer, Kiley Vela and Baylor Wilkinson.

Grade seven Highest honors: Bella Ciampi and Avery Cadorette. High honors: Chloe Harding, William Goodwin and Ella Ellis-Daley. Honors: Marieanna Schulta-Aboujaoude, Grace Poirier, Daniel Macolini and Kyle Dion.

Grade eight Highest honors: Nicholas Hill and Blake Wilkinson High honors: Jordina Coleman, Christian Lafrance, Joshua Paquet, Alannah Shevenell and Julia Violette. Honors: Aidan Donovan, Isaac Dostal, Alexandra Dutil, Tommy Gonneville and Colton Vela.

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