2017-01-12 / Editorial

OOB library: have books – will deliver

By Bob Cochran

One fine day last week I was perusing the fiction stacks looking for the latest bestseller about zombie tailors overrunning a town and forcibly altering everyone’s inseams when I heard the sound of unruly laughter coming from the vicinity of the aquarium. There I found our mascot, Libby, exchanging ribald halibut limericks with one of the whelks.

I asked him how he enjoyed the holidays as I haven’t seen him in several weeks.

“There’s one thing that baffles me about the holidays. I don’t know why you get excited about a ball that drops once a year. Where I live we have stuff dropping all the time … seashells, tires – not to mention whales ...”

“I get the idea,” I interrupted

“Christmas, on the other hand or claw, was pretty fun. The food and music were unbelievably great. The one thing I’d change is that picture of me sitting in the Christmas tree”

“Why? That was pretty cute.”

“I know, but they forgot to put trousers on me before I got put in the tree. I was pulling pine needles out of my tuchus for a week!”

“How do lobsters celebrate Christmas?

“It really hasn’t caught on with us yet.”

“What is your big holiday?”

“We celebrate the invention of margarine.”

“The invention of margarine!?”

“Did you ever hear anyone talking about eating lobster with margarine?”

“What are you looking forward to next?”

“That would have to be the first in our four-part Active Parenting Programs. Be sure to check our website or Facebook page for more details on this lively, informative program full of great advice for parents of younger children.”

While on the subject of programs, I regret that our Medicare Minutes Program originally scheduled to resume this month will be postponed until May. We will have more details as we get closer to that date.

Speaking of postponements and cancellations, we once again want to stress that the safety of our patrons and staff is among our primary concerns. This is especially true during these months of inclement weather. While we feel we provide a number of valuable community services, we would rather close than put our staff and patrons at risk. Closing and postponement information can be found on our Facebook and Twitter pages. This formation is also available on Channels 6, 13 and local access channel 3.

While on the subject of winter and community service, now would be a good time to look into our outreach program. This is great way to help your elderly or homebound residents access many of our services without leaving home. Just go to the outreach services link on our website, ooblibrary.org and print out the form. Turn in the form to the circulation desk once you’ve completed it. Library staff will then contact the person listed on the form regarding their needs and interests. They will also schedule book deliveries and pick-ups as part of the process.

We also have another great service available to our patrons with limited means of transportation courtesy of Portland Public Library. Interested patrons may sign up for a membership card to the Portland library free. With that card you’ll have access to many of the outstanding online services it provides from the comfort of your home.

Libby then stressed that next month will bring many more exciting programs that he’ll tell us about in our next installment.

He also mentioned he’s absolutely thrilled about his upcoming music lessons.

“I’m going to make tomalley the next Tin Pan Alley!” More on that next month, too.

Bob Cochrane is a volunteer with Libby Memorial Library in Old Orchard Beach.

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