2017-02-02 / News

Biddeford City hall tightens security

By Anthony Aloisio
Contributing Writer

BIDDEFORD – Access to parts of city hall will be restricted after normal business hours but the council chambers will remain open to the public for meetings. The security change will be a new system of keycard swipes to replace certain door locks and to restrict access by the building’s elevator, according to City Manager Jim Bennett. The Main Street entrance into the basement of the building—where the City Clerk’s office is located—will be closed after business hours, but the Adams Street entrance— which goes into the first floor—will be open for meetings. From the first floor, visitors may use the stairs or the elevator to get to the second floor where the council chambers and conference room are located.

The elevator will no longer allow visitors to travel to the third floor or basement without a keycard, Bennett wrote in an email. He said that there have been a couple isolated incidents where people have used the elevator to improperly gain access to those floors after hours.

“Only people that have a need to access the floors after hours will be given keycard access,” Bennett wrote, “generally limited to the staff that has a reason to be on those floors after hours.”

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