2017-04-13 / Letters

Take time to learn about Easter

To the editor:

To all my Christian brothers and sisters,

I hope you are prepared for and know the importance of this week. I worry for our faith, because there are so many who are unaware of just what this week is really about. There are many churches that celebrate the procession of Palm Sunday and the Resurrection on Easter Sunday with no notice of what happens during the week between. How many know that Jesus Christ trashed the marketplace at the temple or only know about the Last Supper through the communion that is served during worship? Most know that Christ was crucified, but do you know that darkness fell over the land and many rose from their graves and appeared to family and priests in the temple during the crucifixion?

If any of this surprises you, perhaps you need more information. There are several events going on at local churches. There are several TV specials or movies that can be rented to view there in your own home. There is also the Bible. The story of this week can be found in the last few chapters of each of the gospels. In case you need to know, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are the first four books of the New Testament. I hope you will take time to explore this story.

The Rev. Catherine Anglea Second Congregational Church Biddeford

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