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Let’s strengthen the integrity of the Legislature

Beyond the Headlines

We live in an era where it’s easy to question whether government really has our back. Between the money and the lobbyists, it’s easy to lose sight of the good work taking place day in and day out.  More...

‘Embellishments’ opens this weekend

Library Links

When I think of the Victorian era – roughly the years of Queen Victoria’s very long reign, 1837-1901, I picture dark, fancy, fancy parlors, horse-drawn carriages, muddy streets and uncomfortable clothing. More...

Encourage economic growth through employee ownership

Legislative Lowdown

Recently I had the chance to have dinner with Wick Johnson, long-time owner of Kennebec Technologies in Augusta. This is a company with about 65 employees that Wick has owned since 1984. They do precision machining for the aerospace industry. More...