2017-06-08 / Letters

Please return camera

To the editor:

Several days ago, I made the mistake of setting my camera down on a bench in Mechanics Park in Biddeford. When I realized with horror an hour later that I didn’t have it with me, I went back to the park, but it was gone.

I’m writing to put in a plea to anyone who might know anything about this camera, in the hopes that someone might be kind enough to return it to me. It’s a black Canon PowerShot SX150IS with a small wrist strap. The SANDISK card contains photos I had just taken of the falls at Laconia Plaza, inside the North Dam Mill, and out and around the river and the parks. While those photos will mean nothing to anyone else, they do to me, and I am saddened that they’ve been lost.

I have reported the camera missing with the Biddeford Police Department, and they have my name and phone number in case it turns up there. I’ve also checked a few local pawnshops, but none of them deal in cameras. I’ve also posted on Facebook, where many kind folks have shared the info with others.

I hope I can prevail upon whoever might have this camera and reads this to find it in their heart to return it to me. If so, I can be reached by email at rachell1950@hotmail.com. Or, the individual can leave the camera anonymously with Biddeford police. In either case, no questions will be asked. I’d just love to get this camera back.

Rachel Lovejoy Saco

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