2017-06-15 / Editorial

Enjoy a meal, build a world

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By Bob Cochran

I made my way over to Libby Library on a sweltering afternoon to avail myself of the air conditioning and get a beach read for later. As on many previous occasions, I heard some highly unusual mutterings coming from the stacks. This time it was “Mush! Mush!” followed by some unprintable complaints.

I rounded the corner and beheld Lawrence whelk, an actual whelk, and, thankfully, not the long dead band leader. I looked around and saw the reason for his ill disposition. He had just finished harnessing a team to his brand new dog sled. Unfortunately, his team consisted of mussels, whelks and clams.

I looked directly at Lawrence and said, “Mollusks are great for a lot of things, but speeding across the frozen tundra isn’t one of them.”

Lawrence went on to tell me, “I wanted to show Nick Shrewsbury that you can train a mollusk to do anything a dog can the next time he’s here.”

“That program of his was really informative. If our readers want to find out more about the wide variety of fascinating and educational programs we offer they should follow us on Facebook, or on Twitter at @ooblibrary.”

“Lawrence, how do you like spending some time here at the library?”

“Not too bad. It is strange without Libby out and about. It’s too bad he’s missing. I wanted to ask what people are talking about when they ask for a ‘steamy romance.’ Us bivalves generally don’t generally think of romance when we hear the word ‘steam.’”

“Thanks for giving me that unintentional segue to our Summer Reading Program. The theme for this year’s program is Build a Better World. We’re centering on engineering, conservation and community service. Registration for the program started on June 6. The Program itself begins Tuesday, June 27 and runs through Aug. 18. Activities start at 11:30 a.m. with a free meal.”

“Is there anything you can remember to tell the folks, Lawrence?”

“Sure. Speaking of memories, I can remember one of the last things Libby talked about before he did his Judge Crater cosplay, was the Museum of the Streets Program.”

“Thanks for reminding me. There are 60 plus historical photographs of various Old Orchard Beach locations taken from the 1920s through the 1970s. We also have some highly colorful forms that you can use to share all colorful memories that these photos bring back.”

The photographs will be on display until Labor Day. After that, the forms will be collected and published in a highly attractive volume.

“Thanks for helping out Lawrence. I know you have to get back to running the 100-year dash. Hopefully, we’ll have Libby back to regale us with more tales of his illustrious ancestors.

Bob Cochran is a volunteer with Libby Memorial Library in Old Orchard Beach.

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