2017-06-15 / News

City hires finance director

The Biddeford City Council will be asked to support City Manager James A. Bennett’s nomination of Cheryl Fournier to become Biddeford’s next finance director. The city council was scheduled to consider his nomination as part of its regular council meeting on Tuesday, June 6, after Courier deadline.

“I am pleased to nominate Ms. Fournier to this position,” Bennett said in a press release. “She has been employed in the world of finance since 1991 including 20 years of leadership responsibility. Her background includes both successful public and private sector experiences. I am confident that her leadership, abilities and passion will be an outstanding addition to the talented Biddeford team.”

Earlier, Fournier was nominated by both Bennett and Saco City Administrator Kevin Sutherland to serve as the joint finance director for both communities. While the Biddeford City Council overwhelmingly supported the plan, the Saco City Council narrowly rejected it.

In reflecting on that experience, Bennett shared that when Fournier first indicated her interest in the Biddeford job, he immediately reached out to Sutherland to discuss the potential to share the position.

“Biddeford and Saco are working very hard to become the most progressive communities in the State in terms of finding new and innovating ways to work together while protecting the uniqueness of each community. Biddeford, attempting to first develop a model where sharing her talents was critical in the long term relationship between the communities, when that option was no longer available, it was my responsibility to hire the best available talent,” Bennett said.

“We are pleased that Cheryl has shown her interest in the progressive changes being made in Biddeford. I have been impressed with her contributions, including her service as the acting city administrator in Saco,” said Biddeford Mayor Alan Casavant. “I look forward to her talents helping us with our goals.”

“It is with mixed emotions that I have accepted the offer to become Biddeford’s finance director,” Cheryl said. “I have enjoyed my time with Saco. It will be very difficult to leave my colleagues, many of who have become friends. I look forward to becoming an active member of the Biddeford team.”

Fournier was selected from a candidate pool that included current and former finance directors in Maine Municipalities. Once confirmed by the city council, she will begin July 3.

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