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Brother, can you spare a ciabatta

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By Bob Cochran

I was browsing Libby Library’s excellent DVD section at the start of this past long weekend, when I saw Lawrence Whelk and his longtime aquarium pal, Stanislaw Starfish, staring intently at the screen of one of the public use computers. I became curious, as neither one was particularly computer savvy. Normally, they spend their evenings doing minute by minute commentary on the Continental Drift Channel.

I went over to their computer, and asked, “What are you guys working on?”

Stanislaw responded, “We downloaded a version of SETI@Home, and are using it to look for any signals Libby may have sent from the saucer that took him.”

“You should be very careful about downloading, along with just about anything else you do online these days. A few wrong steps, and you could end up helping a hacker elect a radish as president of the United States,” I responded.

“I nearly learned that the hard way,” Stanislaw said. “I received one of those infamous Nigerian prince scam emails. I almost fell for it, until I did some online research. I did end up transferring everything in my account anyway. Wait until that “prince” finds out that 50,000 pound of tomalley has just been deposited in his account.”

“Well, not everyone is as well versed in safeguarding online privacy as you two. For those who aren’t, the library will hold an Online Privacy Workshop from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 18, You’ll learn about various steps you should take to keep your personal data safe and secure.”

“It looks like you two have been going at it pretty hard. Maybe you should lounge around a bit, get some snacks and play with a robot.”

“Don’t say robot!” exclaimed Lawrence.

“Why?” Stanislaw and I inquired in unison.

“It goes back a long way. Libby’s great, great grandfather Lucretius Lobster, was a good friend of my great uncle Stavros. That was until his obsession with mechanical engineering and baking led him to build the world’s first bread-making robot. It was a technical marvel, except for one thing. Lucretius forgot the off switch. The robot baked on and on until his ciabatta became a hazard to shipping, and inspired Jules Verne’s “Mysterious Island.”

“I guess I can’t blame you for being touchy about the ‘R’ word, but thinking about lounging around reminds me of the Lounge for Teens, which the library holds weekdays in the Community Room from 3 to 5 p.m. There’s snacks, crafts and games available. Oh yeah ... and robots.”


“Sorry, Stanislaw. Oh, by the way, that ciabatta story reminds me of the bread giveaway we have going in conjunction with the Old Orchard Beach Food Pantry. The pantry drops off boxes of free bread Tuesdays before noon. It all goes fairly fast, so you’ll want to get here around that time. There’s also another drop off on Thursday, if all the bread from the previous drop off is gone.”

While on the subject of food, we also have the Summer Meal Program going again. These delicious hot meals are free for children 18 and younger. They are also available for those 18 and older for $3 per person. They’re served Tuesdays through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to noon. The meals are immediately followed by our summer reading activities.

Just then a signal came up on the computer screen. It read “You’ve reached the Aldebaran Bratwurst Lending Library during our Sunday off hours. Please try us again tomorrow for all your bratwurst lending needs.”

They may be closed Sunday, but we here at Libby Library are open Sundays from 10 am to 3 p.m. now through Sept. 10.

We’re about to be pulled over by the Word Count Police. Check back next time for more news on our missing mascot and other library developments.

Bob Cochrane is a volunteer with Libby Memorial Library in Old Orchard Beach.

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