2017-07-27 / Neighbors


July 24: Happy 50th birthday Erin McGuiggin- Behen. Thank you for all you do for your family, friends and those you barely know . . . we appreciate your hard work and patience. Enjoy this beautiful day.

July 27: Happy birthday Grace Grantham from GMACC . . . happy birthday Lois Duquette from her three children, Billy, Nick and Heather, and five grandchildren, Manny, Annie, Andy, Evan and Vivian.

July 28: Happy anniversary Jamie and Joan Waterhouse from GMACC.

Aug. 1: Happy birthday Linda Keene from GMACC.

Aug. 2: Happy birthday Carol Dunham from GMACC.

Send birthday and anniversary greetings to editor@inthecourier.com.

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