2017-08-03 / News

OOB comes up with plan to offer toilets

Old Orchard Beach Town Manager Larry Mead said the town council voted for public toilet funding in its fiscal year 2017-2018 budget approval, which took effect Saturday, July 1. The funding was under consideration while the town waited for approval from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. Mead said he received confirmation Wednesday, July 26 that the town can install portable toilets along the beach near Union Avenue. The town has to follow certain setback guidelines for the toilets and make sure they do not encroach on dunes or areas subject to erosion. Mead said vandalism is a concern for the toilets as well.

The town has allocated $3,000 for two portable toilets to be in place as soon as possible. Mead did not give an exact date. The first two toilets installed will act as an experiment Mead said, and the town will change plans accordingly based on how the first year goes. Mead said the issue of bathrooms is an ongoing discussion in any beach community.

Residents in Old Orchard Beach have been dealing with the issue of public restrooms for several years now. Visitors to the beach had been seen going to the bathroom in the dunes, ocean and residential yards. Restrooms located near Memorial Park cost 50 cents per use.

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