2017-08-31 / Community News

Senior college starts soon

Prospective students at York County Senior College will have a full line-up of classes given at Anderson Learning Center, the Public Library in Springvale, Trinity Episcopal Church and the University Center in Saco and Huntington Common in Kennebunk. Classes begin the week of Sept. 11 and most run for eight weeks.

Classes in Springvale are given on Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday morning’s returning class takes place at Springvale Library. In “Bring a Book to Breakfast,” Arlene Jackson will focus readers on a variety of books aimed at provoking thoughtful discussions. The remainder of classes take place at the Anderson Learning Center on Fridays. They include Dr. David Moberg’s “Open Art Group,” which welcomes beginners and advanced artists to come together and work in their own media. Making an encore appearance is the “Writing Your Memoirs,” led by Fleurette Bannon. Afternoon offerings include a class facilitated by Ted Hargrove that features a variety of classic movies that will be viewed and, in some cases, analyzed. Also that afternoon is a six-week class spotlighting the cultural riches of the island nation in “Cuba: Its Art and Music,” led by Zenaida Maicas.

Monday afternoon will find seniors in Kennebunk learning under the guidance of Mike Berkowitz in “Psychology Looks at Issues of our Times II.” Topics for the session include American identity, education, health care, race, media, inequality, politics and justice.

Those who want to find a path to calmness can join Adele Millette Tuesday mornings for four “Aging Peacefully with Meditation” classes at Trinity Episcopal Church in Saco. A six-session introduction to the “Basics of Drawing,” is also offered by Carol Santora that morning for beginners and those seeking a review of art principles. In the afternoon, a six-session class focused on “Aging to Sag-ing” takes place at the University College in Saco.

Wednesday mornings in Saco, members can return to Trinity Episcopal for “Art Experimentation” with Pat Scammon and Clara Martel, a hands-on workshop for creating original pieces of art. Musically inclined students will have a chance to experience the American art form in “Jazz is King,” with Tom Bancroft. This class takes place at University College.

A more scientific/historical perspective on living in harmony with the environment can be found in “Climate Change: Hoax or Reality?” under the guidance of Dr. Joe Yuhas and Brother Albert Heinrich Thursday mornings at University College. Also starting at University College Thursday mornings, a series of “Fall Foliage Walks” exploring local conservation lands, will be led by Richard and Pat DuFosse. Beginning and prospective artists can get an “Introduction to Oil Pastels” at Trinity Episcopal that same morning with instruction by Robert Dunn and local artists.

There are multiple classes taking place in Saco on Thursday afternoons. Following up on last semester’s class in Native American history, Nancy Ponzetti offers a class on the “History of Buxton and Hollis,” given at Trinity Episcopal Church. Dr. Joan Mento returns to guide seniors through an exploration of “Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew” and its various modern-day adaptations; this class also takes place at Trinity Episcopal. At University College, more current theater classics will be visited in “Broadway’s Eight Longest Runs,” an always-popular blend of history and music with Lorraine Masure.

Prospective students can register by sending in forms received in the mail. Anyone needing a registration form can call 282-4030. Forms are also available at http:// yorkcountyseniorcollege.org. Registration closes Sept. 6.

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