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Stress Relief

Stress. It’s not only emotional (work, family, money), but physical and chemical too. In fact, 90 percent of health conditions are caused by stress.

“And that’s not easing up any time soon,” says Dr. Ellie Rolnick of Rolnick Chiropractic Wellness Centre in Biddeford.

There are more chemicals in our food than ever before and people of all ages are taking medications – both prescription and over the counter – at higher rates than ever.

“When I first started my practice, 50- and 60-year-olds might be taking one blood pressure pill. Now I see 30-year-olds on a list of eight to 10 drugs because they’re prescribed one thing to curb the side effects of another,” she says. “We’re just people who are stressed out chemically and our bodies don’t know what to do about this.”

Physical stress can be caused by an injury or fall, even a bad habit, such as crossing your legs. Things we do on a daily basis, including looking down at a computer or phone, causes a forward head tilt that isn’t good four our nervous system either, according to Dr. Ellie.

Our nervous system is the interface between our bodies and the outside world. When that becomes overwhelmed, our body becomes sick, which Dr. Ellie says isn’t always obvious.

“My goal as a chiropractor is to help empower people to have optimum health and well being in spite of this stress.” “Chiropractically, the adjustments we do are geared toward improving the body’s ability to tolerate stress. It used to be a lot easier in the early days of my practice because people weren’t overwhelmed by the three types of stressors.”

To keep up with the needs of people today, Dr. Ellie and her staff have employed the use of a program called BrainTap, which helps activate your brain’s peak potential. It uses lights, sounds and guided imagery to help relax the brain and put it into a healing state.

“When we’re on the go, go, go all the time, the brain and body can’t heal like that.”

A session takes about 20 minutes and it can be done at the office or even at home with an app on your mobile device. Rolnick Chiropractic is offering a 30-day home trial use that can be used with a regular headset. Specialized headsets at the office incorporate lights for an added benefit.

“More of our patients are using this on a regular basis and we’re seeing positive changes when we measure how the brain is working.”

The brain scan of one client with chronic pain and health issues shows almost complete healing.

Dr. Ellie encourages patients and non-patients to stop by to see the new Brain Tap suite, one of only three in the state. September marks Chiropractic’s 122nd birthday and in that time, the profession has changed so much but in one important way, it has remained the same.

“One hundred and twenty-two years ago the basic premise was that the nervous system controlled the body. It still holds true, but we live in a different society, different world and so our solutions in how we support the chiropractic adjustment has to be different.”

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