2017-09-14 / Community News

Exhibit opens Sept. 29 at Engine, will run through Nov. 4

“It Is Possible That” by Allen West opens 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 29 at Engine in Biddeford, during the Biddeford and Saco Art Walk. The show runs through Nov. 4.

West’s body of work, “It Is Possible That,” includes work made with ancient techniques of felting, knitting, stitching and weaving, which attempt to complicate how the brain understands the idea of truth. With a BFA from Maine College of Art and a MFA from School of Art Institute of Chicago, West has been a studio assistant for Portland artist Katarina Weslien and for Chicago-based artists Joan Livingstone and Eduardo Kac.

Counter to the natural process of the human brain to simplify and categorize, interverity as a mode of knowledge making aims to expand and complicate ideas of truth. The common, linear process of understanding ideas as boolean and eventually one dimensional (spectrum) can be rapidly advanced through a myriad of techniques. In practice this can take the form of abstracting, expanding, exploding, and merging paradigms as well as adding dimensions (up to three) or additional axes (up to infinity) to existing models. In this way, the knowledge building functions of our brain are brought to the surface and examined. Because the brain continues to learn and condense information, the process becomes a neverending recursion in which all conclusions feed back into the function to be expanded and complicated further.

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