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‘Annabelle Creations’ stacks up against doll horror

Miss Samantha Sinister
A horror review by Samantha Mulkern

This doll doesn’t play nice.

Not to say that this film doesn’t take liberties or slap that “Hollywood Shine” on the original story, but isn’t that with all “Based on true events”? But lets get spooky because Annabelle is a real doll y’all! Keep reading and learn the story! (Insert creepy villain laugh mwahahaha)

“Annabelle Creations” is both a sequel and a prequel to the 2014 “Annabelle” film.

Scary doll, yes, it’s been done before, but in “Annabelle Creations” it does something that is a little refreshing to the genre for its not the doll that you should watch out for, its what inside of it that is truly terrifying. The evil that lurks behind the face of the children’s toy really wants to come out to play. The movie is smart in that the evil spirit manifests itself in whatever it finds useful. No one is safe from the demon, no one.

It seems that many people have a strong dislike for dolls and it is actual a phobia, called Pedophobia, which is a very common condition where the sight or thought of dolls causes high anxiety, stress and fear. Victorian dolls, china dolls and even Barbie have been tied to this disorder among other dolls. Yes, I will also have to mention Chucky from “Childs Play” as well as the “Puppet Master” squad just to give props to the famous dolls of horror.

Taking it way back to the 1940s, “Annabelle Creations” is an origin story. It brings the birth of Annabelle, the deadly doll, to the forefront. The film seems to really know what it wants to show the audience, and that’s to make you aware that even with a sweet face an innocent toy can really put you through hell.

This is definitely worth going to see. The writing and effects greatly surpass the first “Annabelle” film. It offers a more filling story, which is important for scary movie fans. The budget is much bigger making the special effects more realistic. I will not say that it isn’t packed with jump scares and an overly dramatic film score, because it is, but it works.

A little back story on the reason we all know about Annabelle the doll. Meet The Warrens, who are the world’s most well know paranormal investigation husband and wife team in the history of paranormal research. They are the real stars behind the Annabelle story. They were the ones who determined that there was something evil behind the eyes of the doll. Yes, Annabelle is a real doll, and yes there have been many mysterious and even fatal events connected to this doll. Her true appearance is very different from how she appears in the movies. The real doll is held in a glass display box, which is blessed weekly by a priest at the Warrens Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut.

It has been documented that a male visitor who took the tour of the museum seemed to be mocking the Annabelle doll and tapping on the glass. The man was in a motorcycle accident only minutes after leaving the museum where he was pronounced dead on scene. Was it just a coincidence? Or would it have been the angry spirit of Annabelle getting her revenge for being mocked? (Insert spooky music.)

The real Annabelle doll is shrouded in mystery, which makes for perfect film material.

Other films based on other Warren Investigations are: “A Haunting in Connecticut,” Based on the investigation of the Snedeker house; from 1986, “The Amityville Horror” (1979 and 2005 remake), based on the true events and book on the Defeo and Lutz families; “The Conjuring” (2013), based on the Perron family hauntings; “Annabelle” (2014), the final owners of Annabelle the doll before she found her forever home at the Warrens Occult Museum; “The Conjuring 2” Based on the Enfield poltergeist in England. There are also a number of movies, to be announced, based on the experience of the Warrens.

Miss Samantha Sinister gives “Annabelle Creation” four out of five skulls.

Samantha Mulkern is a 2007 Biddeford High School graduate and attended the University of Southern Maine for film and writing. She was night shift supervisor at Bullmoose Scarborough for many years and is now a customer support specialist for Idexx. Samantha is active in the cosplay community, spending hours on her award winning costumes and makeup, and makes appearances at comic and film conventions in and out of state. She loves giving recommendations for films and shows. Questions? Comments? Message her at Misssamanthasinister@gmail.com.

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