2017-09-21 / Letters

Saco candidate has answers

To the editor:

When candidates were out collecting signatures for this year’s election, I found myself signing the petition for Barbara Colman to run for council in Ward 3.

She asked if there were any concerns regarding city operations. My answer was I was in need of some assistance in regards to my tax bill. We discussed some other issues as well. She offered some suggestions. I have already taken the various steps in regards to my property taxes.

What Ms. Colman did extra, beyond the role of a city councilor, was to offer other programs I may benefit from and offered to drop off the necessary forms in a couple of days. Well, less than 24 hours later, Barbara Colman provided all the documentation she had discussed. Questions I had in regards to some of the various programs – city and other – she answered. If she didn’t know the answer, she indicated so and stated it was best to address it with staff at city hall or the individuals overseeing the programs.

The information she provided on various items has already come to fruition for me. I received some benefits I was unaware of before meeting her. Currently, I am waiting to discuss my property tax bill with the city. A resolution should be forthcoming shortly.

Having never met Ms. Colman before, and with the wealth of knowledge she provided that day, and returned with as she stated she would, I can only imagine how she would represent Ward 3.

Barbara Colman has my vote. Any resident in Ward 3, I would strongly encourage you to elect her into office. She has the best interest of the residents of this Ward at heart as well as the city of Saco as a whole. Her Facebook postings (Elect Barbara Colman – Ward 3 Councilor – Saco, ME) provide additional insights into her catch phase. “Your Advocate for Sensible Government.” Joey Merrill Saco

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