2017-09-28 / Letters

Candidate knows what Saco needs

To the editor:

My wife Sandra and I are fairly new to Saco, having moved here from Massachusetts in 2008. While we could have chosen from a variety of cities, towns and states for our place of retirement, we chose Saco for many reasons.

Among them is it’s beautiful setting on the ocean and the Saco River, a wonderful downtown area, fine schools that two of our grandchildren have attended and extremely capable city administration and public works departments. The person elected as Ward 4 city councilor needs to have a background and desire to further these fine qualities in our city. Mike Burman is a person who has those qualities. His young children attend our schools, he is often seen walking the Ward 4 neighborhoods with his family, and is well known to all he meets on the path. He understands the importance of responsible growth to help control property taxes. He understands the importance of quality education, first responder services of police and fire, environmental protection, and quality and integrity in city administration.

For these reasons I urge you to join my wife and me in voting Mike Burman for Ward 4 city councilor in November.

James and Sandra Katz Saco

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