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Saco candidate makes change happen

To the editor:

Saco residents, particularly in Ward 3, should elect Barbara Colman as their councilor.

I signed onto the lawsuit involving the city of Saco’s contract zone agreement with Thornton Academy based on the sole issue of the proper procedure had not been followed by state statutes for a change to any existing contract zone.

Though the case was dismissed on various technical issues, the end result was Thornton Academy had to at least pay the reminder of the tax bill for fiscal year 2017. This may not appear to be a major victory, but it has been. Why? Because, since this lawsuit, all contract zone agreements have followed the proper process. This means that prior to council seeing a contract zone agreement, they have been vetted by the city planning board first.

Barbara Colman’s decisions are based on proper procedures and protocols. Many individuals who signed her petition to be placed on the ballot made comments such as this – “Oh, you are the person that sued the city regarding the Thornton Academy contract zone agreement.” And this is true. And not one individual who signed the petition mentioned the cost of the lawsuit.

Ms. Colman attends many meetings and workshops of both the city and school board. She is not afraid to ask questions of city and school officials. I have discussed with her what happens when she doesn’t receive an answer back. Her response is to dig even deeper to find out the answer.

During public comments, Barbara Colman stands up and speaks her mind. She questions all elected and administrative personnel and department heads on issues affecting all residents in Saco.

I have witnessed, on a weekend, her not hesitating to call the police department about a light that was turned facing Route 1 and the lights were active. This could have ended in a serious accident.

When the answer was not acceptable to her from the police department, she did not hesitate to contact as many councilors whom answered their cellphones to have them call and address the issue. In the end, Chief Brad Paul at that time investigated and confirmed there was an issue. The end result, using funds from the police department, was that the light was fixed within a couple hours.

Barbara believes and advocates for sensible government. Her connection with the community is decades long. When I am in public with her, I am always amazed at the number of individuals she knows from the Saco community.

I will be casting my vote for her on Nov. 7. Please, everyone join me in making a change to Saco.

Randy Michaud Saco

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