2017-10-05 / Community News

Author writes about Franco life

Maine author Lorraine Dutile Masure looks forward to explaining at 6 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 12 at McArthur Library, 270 Main St., Biddeford, that, although both the title and the book’s contents more narrowly detail the déjà vu of growing up in an “orthodox” Franco- American environment, readers will agree – notwithstanding that detail – its gist could apply to any ethnicity.

Seniors too will see themselves in her stories. And younger people will be amazed at how quaint life was not so long ago. Informative and, as the author reflects back through the rear-view mirror of her own life, some of it’s pretty funny too.

Intended for all, “Growing Up...” is the intriguing story of courageous grandparent and parent immigrants who embraced their new country, the United States, yet remained inherently true to many of their cherished Old World traditions. Acting as a cultural tour guide, Masure tells stories of what it was really like growing up with a rich Franco heritage across multiple venues of home, family, church, school and other settings. As part of the book’s dedication, she cites her parents whom she names “fiddlers on the roof,” whose Old World traditions imbued their children’s lives with mission and harmony.

Masure, a former university administrator, has lived in Maine most of her 83 years with a salty ardor she avows is incontrovertible. She enjoys presenting oral paraphrases of her book and leads Senior College classes about Broadway musicals.

For more information, call 284-4181.

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