2017-10-12 / Letters

Candidate deserves support in Ward 3

To the editor:

Citizens of Ward 3, I am asking you to vote for Barbara Colman as your next councilor. Living in another ward, I am unable to cast a vote for her. Elect a candidate with a value system I see she holds true to everyday.

Candidate Colman and I have had over a decade of conversations regarding politics. Her participation has increased. Monday nights she can be found at city hall attending meeting and workshops.

Why the increased interest? Summarized in the following sentences are her reasons:

“Lacking is information from the administration from City Hall to the citizens of Saco. Transparency in public proceedings is challenged often by her. Major projects occur in the city, where no knowledge of the event is known, until the project has started. The lack of oversight by the administration and department heads regarding updates of projects or cost is a disservice to citizens of Saco. Current councilors continue not to seek answers and hold the individuals accountable for the spending of funds and reporting updates.”

Any transactions, of any function, affecting any or all citizens are considered to be public information and as such should be available. Barbara sought intervention from the Attorney General’s Office – Freedom of Information Ombudsman regarding executive sessions. When the city administration was contacted, she was found to be correct in regards to an illegal session that occurred.

More to the point, the city’s attorney allowed the session to occur and he was present. The facts of which were reported by the Courier this past winter.

Having Ms. Colman as your Ward representative is not only a benefit to your area of town, but for citizens in the other wards as well. Please take the one step I can’t and cast your vote for her as your Ward 3 Councilor.

Michael Schramm, Ward 6, Saco

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