2017-10-19 / Letters

Community weighs in on candidates for city council

To the editor:

I am writing to share my views on why Lynn Copeland should be elected for City Council, Ward 4. We need fresh new ideas to move our community forward and I believe Lynn is up for the challenge.

I am impressed by Lynn’s dedication to a cause and have seen it in her involvement as a parent, foster parent, volunteer, mentor and leader. In recent years, Lynn rallied up a team for the Trek Across Maine and over the course of several years the team raised close to $100,000. I was one of those team members, as both a volunteer and rider whom Lynn mentored along the way. I have hiked and kayaked with Lynn over the years and share her views on buy local and recycle often to keep and bring in business to our community as well as keeping the environment healthy for all.

Most recently Lynn was selected for and graduated from emergeMaine, an organization dedicated to mentoring and fostering women in politics. I believe this experience and her work experience in her job as legal secretary along with leadership and mentoring skills as a team leader at L.L. Bean have given Lynn a well rounded background that the community will benefit from.

Lynn values the views and opinions of all and will work with the community on many fronts that include protecting our environment and green spaces, working to reduce the tax burden by bringing business to our community and bringing the community together young and old.

Please vote for Lynn Copeland, City Council, Ward 4 on Nov. 7. Elaine Vadeboncoeur Saco

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Lynn Copeland for Ward 4 Saco City Council. We need a strong leader and advocate on the city council, who cares about our community and its people. Lynn is such a person. As chair of the Saco conservation commission, Lynn has proven her leadership skills and her commitment to the preservation of our unique natural resources. Lynn also understands the ongoing issue of erosion at Camp Ellis, and will fight to ensure the city and Army Corps of Engineers work to correct this ongoing problem.

Lynn has some fresh new ideas to move our city forward, while, at the same time, preserving what is unique and wonderful about the City of Saco.

I will be voting for Lynn Copeland for Ward 4 Saco City Council, and urge my neighbors to do the same. Donna Bailey Saco

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