2017-10-26 / Letters

Vote no on a casino

To the editor:

As Election Day nears, I reminisce on what used to be seen as an opportunity to improve our life as well as life for our kids and even our grandchildren. Sorry to say my optimism is waning. To put it bluntly, I feel like an army of well heeled body snatchers is trying to take over the world. And Old Orchad Beach is the current target for an unwanted project: a casino, masquerading as a recreation center.

Despite the multi-million dollar promotional blitz promising pie-in-the-sky benefits (the usual jobs, money for education, lower taxes), casino owners major source of income is a one-way crapshoot. Don’t be fooled. Vote no on Question 1 on Election Day.

Arlene Dolgon Old Orchard Beach

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