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Look forward to another festival to remember

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By Leslie Rounds

It hardly seems possible to me, as I take down the Halloween decorations, but Christmas is just around the corner, and once again, we are hosting a Festival of Trees to remember. This year’s theme is “Winter Celebrations.” Most of you are familiar with this holiday event: You enter the Saco Museum expectantly. On one side an enormous 10-foot-tall tree decked out with sparkling decorations, dazzles the eyes. On the other side, unique holiday gifts beckon to you (and your wallet) in our gift shop. Further back in the museum are collections of wreaths, gingerbread at its best, and an amazing array of 4- and 7-foot trees, awash in glittering color.

The Festival of Trees is really a series of events, a holiday staple in the Saco/Biddeford area, dependent on two critical things coming together perfectly. One of these is participation from volunteers. Although our staff is actively, fully involved, there are so many aspects of the festival that we can’t begin to make it work without hundreds of hours of volunteer assistance. After so many years of very enthusiastic work, many of our volunteers have retired, moved away or become otherwise unavailable and we are still in serious of need of some holiday-minded people to help.

The second key component, the one that makes this such a significant fundraiser for the nonprofit library and museum, is the participation of sponsors. Many businesses throughout the area, (and quite a few just plain people,) sponsor trees, wreaths and events during the festival. We have a large group of businesses that have been with us from the first year, but it’s impossible for us to ask everyone else. Could you help out by becoming a sponsor? Just give us a call at 283- 3861 and we’ll be happy to connect you to the right person. Sponsorships can vary from very small donations all the way up to supporting a 7-foot tree, or in funding school field trips. Sponsors will be recognized at festival events, on signs in Saco Museum, and in ads that follow after the festival. You may even decide to sponsor your workplace Christmas party in the fully decorated museum at a bargain price.

This year’s theme brings to mind all sorts of possible decorative ideas and I know that our community focused Festival of Trees will once again be a centerpiece of the Christmas season, a magical tradition that will truly provide opportunities for “Winter Celebrations” for visitors of all ages. Please join us during the festival, Nov. 24 to Dec. 30, but why not give us a call earlier, in order to experience the deep satisfaction of helping to pull together this wonderful holiday celebration? And don’t forget to attend the first of our events, the Holiday Gala, 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 18, that will feature a silent auction of art, antiques and other really neat stuff. Tickets are just $20. See you there.

Leslie Rounds is executive director of Dyer Library/Saco Museum.

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