2017-11-02 / Letters

Current Saco mayor endorses candidate

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Marston Lovell for Saco mayor. I have had the pleasure of working with Marston as the previous Ward 7 councilor and now as a county commissioner. I recognize and appreciate his many talents and commitment to outstanding public service as demonstrated by his years of work on the community’s behalf.

Leadership requires an individual who is open, honest and is willing to listen to others; someone who places community over self and is driven by a desire to help move it forward. Marston has demonstrated all of these qualities as city councilor and county commissioner. His commitment to constant improvement led him to become involved with and become a leader in the Maine Municipal Association, an organization that assists local communities. He listened, learned and shared his knowledge with his fellow councilors.

Marston has a vision for Saco, one that sees a thriving downtown, one where our schools receive the support they need to insure our children can succeed in the future, and one where property taxes are minimized by questioning the status quo, by seeking input from others, by insuring accountability and by working cooperatively with the business community to grow our local economy.

Please join me on Nov. 7 in voting for Marston Lovell as Saco’s next mayor.

Mayor Ron Michaud Saco

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