2017-11-30 / Letters

Trump’s plan wouldn’t help small business

To the editor:

When Ivanka Trump came to Biddeford recently, her goal was to tout the plan her father has been pushing that would give a huge tax break to the super rich. You’ve probably heard the claims from Maine Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin and others about how this plan will help Maine’s small businesses. It’s not true. This bill may be great if you’re a billionaire heiress from New York like Trump or a former Wall Street executive like Poliquin, but it does nothing to help Maine small business owners like me.

My customers, my subcontractors and I need access to affordable health care in order to thrive, not tax breaks for wealthy people and multinational corporations in other states. These tax breaks for the wealthy are paid for in part by slashing $2.5 trillion in Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other vital programs. The Senate version would also gut the Affordable Care Act, causing 50,000 Mainers like me to lose our health care coverage. My husband and I are only able to run our own business because we can get affordable health care through the ACA. I hope Sen. Susan Collins listens to what real Maine small business owners need and votes no on this terrible bill.

Emily Ingwersen Arundel

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