2017-11-30 / Neighbors

Some Frequently asked questions about the Cape Elizabeth Home:

Q: What IS the Cape Elizabeth Home? A: The Cape Elizabeth Home is a not-for-profit home that provides affordable, comfortable, and secure community living for seniors over 65. The Home has been a community fixture for the past 102 years, and origionally was a charitable organization that catered to women only. Today the Cape Elizabeth Home retains it's Victorian charm, while keeping pace with current trends in retirement living. We now accept men and women 65 and older. True to our origional purpose, we continue to remain affordable. We focus on staying well connected to our roots in the community, and providing a home-like atmosphere. Q: What kind of services do you provide? A: We eliminate many of the daily chores that can become burdensome for seniors. We provide delicious meals, laundry service, and light house keeping. We also have activities and entertainment throughout the week, including a monthly pet visit and flower arrangement session! Q: How can I find out more! A: For more information you can call 799- 4992, to schedule a tour, or visit our website at capeelizabethhome.org. You can also check us out on facebook at The Cape Elizabeth Home!

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