2017-12-14 / Letters

Reader may have identified pattern

To the editor:

I’ve been wondering what that pile of debris and dirt is on Saco Island. Your article “Clear-cut Case?” in the Courier on Dec. 7 answered that question.

I am wondering if Mr. Saulnier was issued a similar order at the site of the Horton Meadows project on Buxton Road in Saco. In that location, trees were cut and uprooted, filler was dumped on pasture land and the earth was plowed; all in anticipation of a multi-home development that has, after several years of promise, failed to materialize. No attempt has been made to restore the area.

The “work” on the Horton Meadows site has displaced wildlife and created an ugly wasteland. Where once there were beautiful pastures and woods; we now see only scarred earth and piles of stone and dirt.

Can’t help but wonder if the same will be true of the Saco Island site.

Anne Dobson Saco

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