2017-12-21 / Editorial

Christmas flake in Saco, Maine

Ho, the beautiful white snow thin brooding pieces of flakes.

In, the old city of Saco, Maine.

Now, that winter is here and the snow and the robin flying by.

Here there is nothing but pines with patches of snow on their branches.

It’s a pleasure to breathe the fragrant air of snow.

It’s a pleasure to live in the city of Saco, Maine.

I, calm majestic presence of Saco night.

Oh Holy night peace, peace.

I, breathe this Prayer.

I, best beloved night, with a heart of many fate.

My thoughts still cling to my children past.

Oh, so far away they are. Be still my heart.

Slowly, the moon rose over the pine tree.

And the moonlight flowing over all.

Still, the snow and the winds is never weary.

Creeping along the city of Saco, Maine.

Beautiful winter yea!

By Joyce Beaulieu Saco

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