2018-01-11 / Letters

Business owner deserves kudos for kindness

To the editor:

Last Thursday, as the area was experiencing the Bombogenesis’ snowstorm, it was discovered that pipes had burst in my neighbor’s vacant apartment. The Old Orchard Beach Fire Department came to shut off the main supply of water until the broken pipes could be located and repaired. Upon learning that the water had been shut off, I decided to make an attempt to go out to buy some bottled water at Landry’s Shop and Save on Cascade Road. Since we were well into the snow cyclone, I called the store and, although they had just closed due to the inclement weather, the person on the phone told me they would wait for me. One look at my car told me there was no way I was going to move it out of the parking lot due to the snow drifts surrounding it. I called the store back and told the person on the phone that I couldn’t move my vehicle to get there. A minute or so upon hanging up, I received a call back and the gentleman asked me where I lived and said he would bring the water to me.

Paul Landry, owner of the store, delivered a gallon jug of water to my door. I thought the folks in Old Orchard Beach should know that not only is Paul Landry a good businessman but he is a kind and genuinely caring person.

Karen L. Silliter Old Orchard Beach

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