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The end (of your old library card) is nigh

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By Bob Cochran

I was perusing the new nonfiction section at Libby Library, hoping to find the recently released biography of Hezekiah Pizelblatt, the man who revolutionized modern dentistry with his invention of jet-propelled, guided dentures, when I was distracted by a loud noise trying to desperately pass for music coming from of all places, the Quiet Room. I rushed to investigate, only to behold our esteemed mascot, Libby Lobster trying very hard to become a one man, or in this case, lobster, band. He was also wearing a sandwich sign that said “The end (of your old library card) is nigh!”

“What are you doing, Libby!” I exclaimed.

“I’m trying everything I can think of to remind our patrons that they need to replace their library cards if they want to continue checking out books, DVDs and other materials.”

Libby Library instituted a new cataloging system in mid-December when we became part of the MaineCAT Consortium. Since the barcoding on our old cards is not compatible with the new system, patrons need to replace them in order to continue utilizing our services, both in house and online.

There are many advantages to our new cataloging system. One of these being that you no longer have to remember a password to access your online account. You simply type in the barcode number on your new card, and you’re in. Once you’ve entered your account, you’ll find it much easier to renew your books, place books on hold or make an interlibrary loan. Many patrons have already said this is much easier to use than the old Destiny System. All we’re asking is that, if you haven’t replaced your old card yet, please do as soon as conveniently possible.

Our cataloging system isn’t the only thing that’s changed. Our Friday Family Fun Films are now on Saturdays. Of course, we changed the series name, too. They’re now the Saturday Family Matinee. You and your children can enjoy these family friendly films on the first and third Saturday of each month. Showtime is at 1 p.m. The movies – and buttered popcorn – are free. The next movie in our series, the delightful animated film, “Monsters University,” is coming up this Saturday, Jan. 20.

“Is that a scary movie?” asked Libby.

“No, it’s not, even though the word ‘monster’ is in the title.”

“Did I tell you I’m making a scary movie? It’s called ‘Fahrenheit 212.’”

“What’s so scary about the boiling point of water? ...Oh, sorry.”

Libby gave me a brief look of exasperation, and then his mood lightened once again. He went on to say “Did you know our STEAM Powered Saturday is coming up this weekend, too?”

“That’s right. This time kids of all ages will have a blast making frozen bubbles. The fun starts at 10:30 a.m. right here at the library”

“Speaking of steam power and bubbles, did I ever tell you about Uncle Laestrygones’ experiments with a steam powered bubble machine?”

“No, but I’m sure you will.”

“The machine worked beautifully, blowing all sorts of fabulous bubbles, until he stoked it a bit too much. He became engulfed in a giant bubble that carried him for thousands of miles, until he crashed on a mysterious island owned by this guy named Nemo.”

“Poor Uncle Laestrygones became part of Nemo’s experiments, which caused him to grow to enormous size. He eventually escaped from the island. Several weeks later he ended up terrorizing Tokyo until the military subdued him with 50,000 pounds of mayonnaise and a 100-foot roll.”

“Libby, I think it’s time to get back to a somewhat more normal subject than your Uncle Laestrygones. Tell the good people about all the incredible activities we have planned for Winter Vacation Week.”

“We have plenty of movies, crafts and more planned every day during the Winter Vacation Week of Feb. 20 through Feb. 24. There’ll be tech toys, more frozen bubbles, ‘The Emoji Movie’ and best of all, magic and puppets with Dave Perkins. We’ll have more details available for you in our next Library Links article.”

Until then, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or log on to ooblibrary.org, for updates on events, or inclement weather closings.

Bob Cochran is a volunteer at Libby Memorial Library in Old Orchard Beach.

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