2018-01-18 / Letters

Salvation Army supports people in need

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the column article entitled, “Legislative Lowdown” written by Rep. Martin Grohman. Thank you for continuing to emphasize the needs of persons suffering with substance misuse issues, such as opioids/opiates (heroin). Drugs of abuse continue to cause tremendous hardship to families as well as communities, and we extend our condolences to those families whose loved ones have died from these substances.

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers wants you and others to know of our concern, compassion and care. Our concern is based on Christian beliefs and values. We act compassionately to alleviate suffering in our community. We provide residential care as a church ministry. Our programs are designed to promote complete abstinence from abusive and addictive substances. When necessary or desired, we make referrals for clinical care. We assist people with learning how to live a balanced life, including work, relationships, fun and responsibilities. We help people move from unhealthy dependent patterns toward freedom and maturity. These centers operate at no cost to family members, and are funded mostly from the generosity of the community.

Persons who need our services may find all our locations at 800-SA-TRUCK or SATRUCK.ORG. We continue to pray and work towards seeing lives redeemed and families restored.

Please continue to report on the need for more options for persons suffering with such afflictions as substance misuse, lifestyle dependencies, homelessness, and unemployment. We believe our community benefits from both highlighting needs as well as celebrating successes. Thank you again for your time and consideration in publishing this note to you as well as our community.

May God bless you. William “Bil” Moriarty, donation development coordinator The Salvation Army

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