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February is a feast of fun at Libby Library
By Bob Cochran

One fine evening, I was searching through the new biographies at Libby Library, hoping to find Luigi Shimtopolis’ highly recommended book about the early life of Otis Beoglethorpe, the children’s author whose attempts to interest publishers in his series of books about the whomblogs, a race of little people who roamed the forests selling term life insurance, met with repeated failure.

I was soon distracted by the roar of a loud motor emanating from the Community Room. I hastily made my way there to investigate, and found our mascot, Libby Lobster, running a snow making machine.

“What the heck are you doing, Libby?” I exclaimed.

“Getting ready for the Winter Olympics, of course, and did you know, most winter sports were invented by lobsters?” he asked, just the tips of his antennae visible from behind the snow maker.


“Sure. They were originally the many, and quite inventive, ways we used to get away from the chefs. Take bobsledding for instance; that was invented by my Uncle Lester.”

“Bobsledding was invented by your Uncle Lester? Why isn’t it called Lestersledding?” I inquired.

“Well, since you asked, let me tell you the story. Lester was being chased around a kitchen by Chef Bob Boywhatad, when Boywhatad slipped on a newly waxed floor, landed rear end first in a dutch oven, which slid across a marble countertop and out a window. Boywhatad then landed atop a coffin being borne by several pallbearers in a funeral procession. The coffin slid on a patch of ice and onto a steep ski slope with the pallbearers still holding on tightly. The coffin and pallbearers found themselves in the midst of a highly competitive ski race and soon took the lead. They crossed the finish line well ahead of any skier. It was truly epic,” Libby said proudly.

A judge asked Boywhatad his name. He told the judge his name was Bob. The judge said, “Then that thing must be your bobsled.”

And so, a new sport was born.

“That’s enough Winter Olympics for now, Libby. Let’s tell the folks about our Winter Vacation activities.”

“Alrighty then,” he said. “Our local schools will be going on winter break during the week of Feb. 20 through Feb. 24. Libby Library has a variety of fun activities planned for your children every day during that time period.”

We start things off Tuesday, Feb. 20 with Tech Toys. Come on down and play with robots, hex bugs, snap circuits and much more. Wednesday, Feb. 21 is Wacky Crafts, when we’ll make stress balls with balloons and playdough. Coming up on Thursday, Feb. 22, we’ll show the laugh-filled “Emoji Movie.” On Friday, Feb. 23, there’s winter weather enjoyment with frozen bubbles. We close out our week of activities with plenty of mirth and magic courtesy of Dana Perkins and his puppet pals. All these activities will start at 1 pm.

“Did I tell you about my puppet-based sitcom?” Libby interjected. “It’s a family show called ‘My 35,000 Sons.’ I’m having a hard time finding a puppet-maker.”

“Libby, do we have time to tell the good people about one more activity?”

“We sure do. This month’s STEAM-Powered Saturday, which is being held Feb. 17 at 10:30 a.m. is an appropriately Valentine’s Day-themed program, Candy Heart Fun. Be sure to stop by.”

Also, check out our Facebook page or our website, ooblibrary.org, for more updates and information regarding winter weather closures which is also available on Channels 6, 8, and 13.

Bob Cochran is a Volunteer at Libby Memorial Library.

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