2018-02-15 / Letters

Story’s characterization of city official was wrong

To the editor:

I feel compelled to write to you regarding the front page article in the Courier dated Feb. 1, “Heating Issues Arise with Unit 91.”

I began to read with interest that quickly turned to dismay, dismay that the equivalent of one out of the four columns was devoted to the disparagement of Bill Mann. As an Island Terrace Owners Association owner and former board member my experience of Bill Mann was nothing but helpful. He took the time to tease out and follow the threads in the tangle of ambiguity and seemingly obfuscated financial arrangements and morphing LLCs that impacts our heating situation to this day. His stated goal was to achieve stability on Saco Island, a benefit to all concerned, and he worked diligently at this.

Your reporter’s coverage was a disservice to those dedicated people involved in the above endeavor as well to your audience. It was slapdash, peppered with errors, one-sided, and not investigatory.

For example, the residents of Island Terrace Owners Association were not contacted. One would think the inclusion of the people who actually experienced the loss of heat in the coldest days in decades would contribute to a more balanced view of the crisis, its roots and the efforts Island Terrace Owners Association has made to solve the problem of their heating system.

There were many more avenues this reporter could have taken to provide a more complete and accurate portrayal of the situation, after getting his initial factual information straight. Instead he chose a lopsided unfair focus on Bill Mann.

Lynn Watson Saco

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