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Home Snuggers, Maine’s Re-Insulation Pros

Achieving a SNUG Home – It’s about Science and Results.

“We are about clearly defining desired results and achieving them in the most economical and hassle free way possible,” says building engineer and Home Snugger’s founder, Mark Walker. Since every home is different and every family is unique, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to weatherization improvements. “Contrary to popular opinion, old windows or deficient attic insulation are often not the first priority to achieve a SNUG home.”

Because SNUG means different thing to different people, Walker stresses, “We always start out by asking, ‘What do you want to accomplish?’ I can visit two identical homes. In one the customer says ‘Show me how to save 30% on my energy bill.’ Another says ‘My wife spends most of her time in these rooms and she’s not comfortable.’ Based on their personal objectives, we are going to recommend different solutions. We focus on diagnosis and results, helping the homeowner understand root causes and priorities.”

With Home Snuggers, it’s not so much about selling insulation or offering any particular material or service as it’s about achieving certain results and guaranteeing them. In Walker’s words, “Other companies may seem similar to us, but are often quite different.” Asked what he means, Walker explained, “Other companies may just ask, ‘What kind of insulation do you want and where do you want it?’ Some things that are ‘good to do’ can create problems if not done in the right order.” Asked what kind of problems? He responds, “problems like hidden mold or having to undo ‘good work’ to address something more fundamental.”

Ice dams are a case in point. For example, Home Snuggers won’t install any kind of insulation in an attic unless the living space air is totally sealed off from the air in the attic. “It is less costly and sometimes more beneficial to keep indoor air from even getting into the attic than simply to add insulation and R value.” Some customers have wanted to hire Home Snuggers and to pay them generously to install a specific product but Walker has politely declined. “We’d rather not make a dollar than not make a difference.”

Some homeowners or contractors can make things worse rather than better. “I’ve seen things done cheaply that then made it more costly to do right,” Walker said. Generally such mistakes can be avoided by working with a certified Efficiency Maine Register Vendor.

Home Snuggers uses more different kinds of materials, systems and methods than any contractor in New England. An example is the RetroFoam injection process. It addresses the most difficult parts of a home to retrofit, enclosed cavities like walls and cathedral ceilings. Usually completed in one day and installed from outside, it avoids hassle and mess. The process fills the spaces between the inside plaster and outside siding even if there is already insulation in place. And RetroFoam is so eco-friendly there is no need for occupants to vacate the home while Home Snuggers technicians work.

“Our sole focus is on retrofitting existing buildings and doing just enough to achieve comfort - comfort in the home, comfort with the energy bills, and comfort with our processes.” Home Snuggers serves most of the state of Maine, including southern Maine and greater Portland. To learn more or for a free estimate, give them all call at 894-5415 or visit www.HomeSnuggers.com

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