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What is the Arundel Ford difference?

Lots of companies proclaim a difference in the way they conduct business. At Arundel Ford they not only talk the talk, they walk the walk. It all starts at the top, said Pat Murray, Parts and Service Director. The owners keep it simple and lead by example. Any time a question comes up about customers, employees, company or community the answer is always the same. DO WHATS RIGHT. Our employees are empowered to make decisions so you don’t have to weave your way through several layers of management to come to a conclusion.

While Murray is new to Arundel Ford he has been in the dealership side of the auto business for 45 years, and said the team at Arundel Ford stands out. “Nobody is above anybody else here” he said.” “It feels like family because every employee is engaged.” Bud Finch is the service manager at Arundel Ford. “He is the hands on manager here,” Murray said. Finch and the team at Arundel Ford are always thinking of ways to improve the experiences of their customers.

Recently Finch introduced extended hours to accommodate customers that have a need for evening hours. This is an important addition for customers that work out of their vehicles all day long. The service and parts departments are now open to 8 pm Monday thru Thursday. It is this type of out of the box thinking and a commitment to our customers that sets Arundel Ford apart from its competitors. When it comes to having your vehicle serviced, Finch says a positive attitude and bit of empathy go a long way. “A lot of times, when people are experiencing problems with their vehicle they’re not having the best day,” Finch said. “It is our job to do whatever we can to lower the anxiety level that goes along with vehicle problems.” Finch said. Finch said the service department is led by shop foreman Frank Kendal, who works with the various technicians on-site to solve problems quickly. All our technicians are factory trained and specialize in every aspect of vehicle repair. Communication, Finch said, is important. We do stand up huddles with representatives from each department daily, and with the technicians once a week. This gives everyone the opportunity to identify our strengths and work on what we need to improve on. Transparency is another key to our success.

The sprawling service department at Arundel Ford is equipped to handle all aspects of vehicle maintenance and repairs. From the sub compact Ford Fiesta to the F 750 commercial vehicles we have the equipment and know how to get you back on the road quickly. Finch said.

It only takes a glance at the company’s Facebook page and it is evident connected the employees at Arundel Ford are. There is no drama, and its just so much fun to work here, Murray said. “We do our jobs, make customers happy and always remember our motto. DO WHATS RIGHT. Stop by and visit anytime, we would be happy to show you around. And of course we can be found on the web at arundelford.com

Patrick Murray

Parts and Service Director

Arundel Ford

1561 Portland Rd

Arundel, Maine 04046


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