2018-03-22 / Letters

Mayor: more going on in background

To the editor:

Your article titled “After storms, Saco officials frustrated” referred to former Mayor Don Pilon bringing his concerns to the council during the meeting of March 5 but does not recognize the fact that those concerns were answered. I believe in the separate interview referred to in the article, former Mayor Pilon was making a statement to the Courier writer. His comments reflect less attention to effective planning and efficient use of time and money than the attention I pay to those matters.

Let me tell your readers what the Courier writer missed by not permitting me to respond to former Mayor Pilon’s remarks. My concern with the design problems of the Camp Ellis jetty has been long standing. Sen. Angus King called to speak with me about it on Nov. 15, 2017. I met with the Shoreline Commission on Dec. 13. I spoke with Rep. Chellie Pingree’s chief of staff, Jesse Connolly, about it on Dec. 18. I spoke with Sen. Susan Collins’s local representative on Dec. 19. It became obvious that a team of concerned, informed, well-educated citizens and top level city staff was necessary. In addition to that group meeting in December I met with senior staff from Sen. Collins’s, Sen. King’s, and Rep. Pingree’s offices on Jan. 12 and explained that the current federal approach was not working. The team met again on Feb. 18th to discuss an email from Sen. King’s office. Since then I have been in contact with the Civil Works Program Manager for the New England District of the Corps of Engineers regarding the New England District’s commanding officer’s team and the Saco team getting together to discuss Camp Ellis. The district commanding officer has been included in the email distribution. I cannot discuss what lies in the future because I cannot predict the future.

In summary, we are accomplishing more and doing it cost effectively by doing it in a measure, thoughtful team based approach than the approach advocated in your writer’s interview. Marston Lovell, mayor Saco

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