2018-03-29 / Letters

Could Biddeford garage bleed money too?

To the editor:

Tampa Bay Times (Florida) Feb. 23, 2018: “Long awaited Clearwater Beach Garage bleeds money in its first year.” Data shows the city was in the red last year, spending $107,000 more than they brought in, bringing into question the decision to build a garage.

Consultants the city hired in 2014 to analyze the investment predicted the garage would bring $800,000 in profits the first year. But in its first 12 months of operation, the garage has bled money instead (http:www.tampabay.com/news/localgovernment).

If the decision to build a parking garage in “affluent” Clearwater Beach, Florida, is now in question, rest assured that it could very well happen in “less affluent” downtown Biddeford – and if it did, who would be on the hook for a similar situation, (unfunded liability), if not the Biddeford taxpayers?

Lionel Beaudoin Biddeford

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