2018-03-29 / Neighbors

The AffirMantraTM Method

Ugh! Transitions …

Whether happily chosen (i.e: a wedding, promotion, new birth, or a new beginning), or forced upon us (grieving loss of any kind) – transitions can be chaotic and difficult.

In times of stress, we need to feel empowered to affect positive change in our lives, our businesses, and our relationships.

The AffirMantraTM Method teaches HOW to access inner resources, create new neural pathways, overcome challenges/ reach goals, in a fun and effective way.

Rev. Myra Robinson, Interfaith Chaplain and Soul Coach, created AffirMantraTM, to further her Ministry of Music & Motivation; to help people navigate life’s pivotal moments, or selfdriven transformations.

Working well with everyone, from devout (in any faith), to those who identify as “spiritual but not religious”, to atheist; Rev. Myra’s “mindfulness” approach easily crosses any spectrum. An engaging speaker, she has presented AffirMantraTM Workshops to groups and organizations across N.E.; conducted confidential Soul Coaching with individuals; and officiated memorable, customized Wedding Ceremonies, incorporating their own personalized Relationship AffirMantraTM for that “Wow-factor!”

But wait! There’s more! …visit www.affirmantra.com for yourself.

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