2018-04-12 / Neighbors

Home Snuggers answers your questions about RetroFoam Insulation:

1) How much will it cost? It depends on your home’s size, age, and configuration. The average is about $4,500 and Efficiency Maine pays about $1,200 of that for most customers. 2) How long does it take? Usually no more than a day or two, and it’s usually applied from outside. 3) How much will I save on my heat bill? That varies between different homes. We find 30% - 40% is common. 4) How does RetroFoam work? RetroFoam goes into the enclosed cavities and hidden gaps. It reduces outside drafts and increases thermal resistance / R-values. 5) What else should I know? RetroFoam is eco-friendly, odor-free, a Class 1 fire material, pest-resistant, and sound dampening. 6) Where does it come from? It’s made in Scandinavia. We import it from Norway. 7) How can I be sure that it’s well sealed? First, our technicians are highly trained. We check everything with a thermal imaging camera and the post testing by the Efficiency Maine Certified Energy Auditor gives you and us another level of quality control.

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